STRUCTURE | Clearwater School of Supernatural Ministry

Clearwater School of Supernatural Ministry has a 1st & 2nd year. Each year has a specific focus in the development of the revivalist. To be considered for 2nd year, you must attend and complete our 1st year school. Graduates of these two years may apply for internships or be deployed into other various ministry opportunities.

1st Year Students

First Year School of Ministry focuses on assimilating the core values of the Kingdom into the heart of the Believer and establishing God’s Royal identity in the mind of each student. The first year students receive the gifts of the Spirit and learn how to walk in the power of God.

Students read the entire Bible (some of it over the summer) in this 11-month program along with approximately 12 additional books for required reading.

2nd Year Students

Second Year students take the skills and core values they have learned in first year and begin to develop their own ministry. They choose a revival and a revivalist from history and investigate them with a view to forging similar dynamics in their own lives. They also learn leadership principles to gain understanding on how to lead people and establish the Kingdom in every realm of society.

Second Year students have the opportunity to travel with our leadership team on ministry trips where the students are the ministry team for each trip. “Clearwater SSM” is a ministry which is part of the school, where the students go to different churches as the primary ministry team. They demonstrate signs and wonders, train the local congregation in supernatural ministry and take them into the community to do treasure hunts.

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