ACADEMIC OVERVIEW | Clearwater School of Supernatural Ministry

Clearwater School of Supernatural Ministry offers a 1 or 2 Year school where students can safely take risks as they learn and develop a lifestyle of character and supernatural ministry.

We will be using the DVD Curriculum from Bethel Church in Redding, California. The teachers will include: Bill Johnson, Kris Valloton, Beni Johnson, and more leaders from Bethel Church as well as Leaders and Teachers from Clearwater First Assembly of God Church. The DVD’s and school leadership focus on developing a culture of revivalist where living naturally supernatural lifestyles is encouraged by teaching about our identity in Christ, how to walk in signs & wonders and through extensive Bible study. There is also a strong emphasis on healing, developing a prophetic culture, and demonstrating the gospel with power. These foundational messages are a core component in the culture of revival. They are combined with worship, outreach, revival/small group discipleship, and mission trips to activate the students in the supernatural. Our goal is to see “His Kingdom come, here on earth as in Heaven.”

Course Descriptions
Rather than an emphasis on theory only, application and experience of truths and material will be highlighted and encouraged. Many other subject matter will be covered besides those listed below. This listing is more of a guide and is subject to change at the Holy Spirit’s direction. There will not be a set schedule as to when courses will be taught and subjects may be taught for any length of time. Each week, semester and every year will be different as the Holy Spirit leads into new realms of revelation and emphasis.
Bible Study Methods
The inductive study skills taught in this class will be foundational for many other courses. The methods taught will involve seeing the truth (observation), discerning its meaning (interpretation), and applying its truth to students’ lives (application).
Gifts of the Spirit
This is a study of the purpose and place of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the church, along with practical instruction on cooperating and flowing with the Spirit, which enables the student to become a vessel He can use.
God's Government - Spiritual Authority in the Church
The restoration of the apostolic order in the church will be studied, as well as topics such as honoring men and women of God, God’s method of promotion, and scriptural submission and accountability.
History of Revival and Revivalists
This is an in-depth study of moves of God in recent church history, including biographical studies of noted men and women of the faith who impacted generations with their life, message and ministry.
Ministering in the Prophetic
The nature and calling of the biblical prophets will be studied as well as the role of the prophetic in the church today. Students will learn to minister in revelatory gifts as the Spirit leads through principles and practice.
Prayer and Intercession
This is a presentation of the foundational importance of prayer in the life of every believer, which will also discuss the varied aspects of prayer, intercession, and travail.
Principles of Praise and Worship
This is a course examining the biblical foundation for praise and worship, including renewal trends in the church. It will also examine the necessity of believers living a “lifestyle of worship.”
Restoring the Desolated Cities - National and International Missions
This is a study, discussion and practice of the apostolic principles of missionaries and emphasizes understanding the believer’s call to reach the lost. Topics will include: the biblical basis for local and foreign missions, stateside preparation, social and cultural adjustments, family principles, missions methods, etc.
Signs and Wonders - Special Emphasis on the Healing Ministry
This focuses on the foundations of the Old Testament and the fulfillment and practical outworking of the ministry of the miraculous in the New Testament.
Hands-On Outreach Ministry
Opportunities include – assistance with Adult, Youth and Children’s classes, worship, street ministry and the ministry of helps.

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