TREASURE HUNTS | Clearwater School of Supernatural Ministry

An additional requirement of Clearwater School of Supernatural Ministry is students must to attend (1) Treasure Hunt per month; though we are convinced Treasure Hunting is essential in being a follower of Christ and should be done daily.

Based on the book “The Ultimate Treasure Hunt” by Kevin Dedmon, Treasure Hunts are designed to equip, empower and teach Clearwater SSM students how to activate supernatural evangelism within their community to ALL people groups, not just the homeless, drug addicts and gang members. In other words, “God wants us to have an encounter, so that we become an encounter, so that others can have an encounter”.

Treasure Hunts are NOT about “arguing someone into confessing Christ” or “coming up with the right answers to convince someone to agree with your particular doctrine” because “if someone can be talked into something, they also can be talked out of something”

Instead, Treasure Hunts are about bringing the “Good News of the Kingdom to every kind of person through supernatural means and demonstration, through supernatural encounters”.

Check the Clearwater School of Supernatural Ministry Calendar for dates and times of each monthly Treasure Hunt.

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